Driving Business Results With Spatial I.T.

Fast Delivery & Results

Rapid design and deployment of tools, apps, data, and integrated systems leveraging Spatial Information Technologies, Agile Development, Automation, Analytics, and Lean Production Techniques. The best combo in tech and business.

Creative and Passionate

We are great listeners and communicators. We are excited to work hard and deliver value. We have a sharp eye for design and usability. We believe in customer service and solving real problems. We will exceed your expectations.


We understand our client’s challenges, goals, and identify opportunities to make their business faster and their customers happier. We will build on your success and skills to bring you new abilities and opportunities.


Knowledgable Advice
We strive to understand your challenges, identify potential solutions, and develop a plan of attack for fix short term pain and achieve long term vision.


Reliable Results
We deliver world-class solutions according to specifications, assumptions, with fixed budgets and reliable schedule. Dependability you can trust.


Agile Techniques
We deliver working software quickly, and incrementally improve and expand functionality over time based on your feedback. We drive measureable results.


Lean Philosophy
We save you total hours, schedule duration, and ultimately budget on your project- employing the Build - Measure - Learn feedback loop with great success.


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Unique Capabilities


Spatial Sigil has an incredibly sharp, focused, and professional team. I am extremely impressed at their ingenuity in solving problems, creating easy to use tools, and communicating the project goals to our stakeholders. I highly recommend Spatial Sigil for their superb technical ability, project management, and even more so their honesty, integrity, and professional attitude. - Marleaux Flournoy, CEO F.G.I. GeoStasis
Working with Spatial Sigil has been awesome - they quickly picked up where a prior consultant failed to deliver, improved our data production and visualization platform, and identified opportunities to add functionality and optimize workflow. A perfect consultant for all levels of engagement for our product. Marc, Director of Operations.

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